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Bradford White Residential Water Heaters Feature the Hydrojet® Total Performance System which is designed to eliminate sediment buildup within the tank, by forcing jet streams of water against the inner tank walls as incoming water replenishes the tank. The Hydrojet® Total Performance System which is standard to Bradford White Top Connected Residential Water Heaters extends the life of the Water Heater. Sediment buildup within the water heater tank causes the entire unit to work harder to maintain its temperature setting. As the sediment continues to build within the tank, more and more energy is required to heat the water and maintain the desired temperature which eventually causes the unit to fail, usually by leaking.

Bradford White Water Heaters also feature Vitraglas® The World's Best Enamel Tank Lining

helps to reduce energy cost and increases life of unit.

Bradford White Water Heater Safety Features:

The answer here is simple. We take the time to get it right, because we have the time it takes, to get it right. Our Plumbers are not loaded down with excessive workloads spread out from city to city. But are locally dispatched, salaried, and on average respond to 2 service calls per day. This Business Model affords us the opportunity to better serve our customers.  We have the time and expertise to identify and correct potential plumbing problems as well as the ongoing one that stopped the water heater from working.


I Rooter and Plumbing is your Local Plumbing Professional guaranteed to get your Bradford White Water Heater working again. Service comes with a 1 year parts & labor Guarantee.

Why hire I Rooter & Plumbing for your Bradford White Water Heater Repair?

We offer a Full Range of Water Heater Services Including Diagnosis & Repairs for, Leaking Water Heaters, Not Enough Hot Water, No Hot Water, New Water Heater Installations.

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