Drain Unclog

How to Unclog a Drain in 3 Easy Steps

Materials Needed:


1 Cup Baking Soda

1 Cup White Vinegar


The First Step In Unclogging a Sink Drain, (as with any other drain), is to

First: Determine If any of the other drains are affected.

This is especially important if the Clogged Drain is at the lowest point in the structure.

In this step check that water is freely flowing through the drains of of any fixtures at or below the level of the affected drain(s). You can check this by running some water through the fixtures, flushing a toilet...(if water levels rise in more than 1 drain go here...)unclog main drain


Second Step

Now that you’ve determined that the blockage is limited to 1 drain

(other than main drain blockage)or Kitchen Sink Blockage

Bring to Boil a gallon of vinegar, pour 1 Cup of baking soda directly into the drain,

then add 1 cup of white vinegar to mixture in sink, allow to stand for 10 minutes.

Now slowly pour the gallon of boiled water directly down the drain, and not on the bowl. Look to see if water begins to flow down drain.


Third Step

Place your plunger directly over the drain taking care to ensure a tight seal between the plunger & the sink drain, then start plunging.

This technique is most effective when the blockage is caused by soft scum, and some hair blockage. Hair Blockages are the hardest to remove from drain lines, and often require the help of experienced rooter plumber. At I Rooter & Plumbing we provide Commercial & Residential Drain Cleaning Services 24/7. Our Plumbers are effective in clearing your drain lines an d keep them flowing at maximum capacity. We do this because we take the time required to properly clear the drain line and return it to its maximum operating capacity. This is accomplished by continually working on the clogged drain line even after its unclogged. We don’t pop & go. Get it done right the first time Call the Rooter Experts at I Rooter & Plumbing.


Main Drain Services

Unclogging a Main Drain Should be left to experienced service technicians. Clearing a Main Line Blockage requires not only a certain amount of skill and technical expertise, but in order to unclog a Main Line you will also need a mid to large size drain cleaning machine.



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