Garbage Disposal Services

I Rooter & Plumbing will diagnose the problem leading to or contributing to your Garbage Disposal's Failure. Other than usual wear and tear, there may be contributing factors which caused the garbage disposal to fail. We will diligently evaluate the cause. Common Garbage Disposal Repairs:

  • Won’t turn on

  • Leaking

  • If you notice leaking under your kitchen counter call the Professional Plumbers at I Rooter & Plumbing right away. A small leak can cause tremendous water damage in a very small amount of time if not attended to immediately. This is especially true in settings where multiple fixtures are connected to the kitchen drain through other drains. Water from those connected drains may find its way through the opening near the garbage disposal where you found the leak. Water flowing by gravity always seeks the less restrictive path,

  • Garbage Disposal Humming But doesn’t work This usually indicates a jammed garbage disposal. Call your Plumbing Professionals at I Rooter & Plumbing to fix your disposal. Removing objects lodged in a Garbage Disposal requires skill & experience, in some instances the Garbage Disposal May need to be removed in order to dislodge the foreign object and then re installed. You will definitely need one of our plumbing professionals to complete this for you 

  • Garbage Disposal is Not Draining

  • If your sink is holding water and the garbage disposal is not draining.

  • Call I Rooter & Plumbing to correct this plumbing problem.

  • Garbage Disposal Replacement

  • Replacing your garbage disposal with a similar model?

  • Call I Rooter & Plumbing with the replacement model you would like installed, and we will come out to install it at your convenience. Not sure of the current model. No problem. Share with us your needs for a Garbage Disposal and we will pair you with the correct model. Our scheduling is flexible. And our timing excellent. Give us a call today

  • Garbage Disposal Removal

  • You can count on I Rooter & Plumbing to perform this service for you. No need to shop around, our Plumbers will expertly remove your garbage disposal for you and re connect your kitchen sink drain without one. This procedure requires the skill and experience of a professional licensed plumber. At I Rooter & Plumbing our high level of skill & experience translates into huge savings for our customers because most of our plumbing projects are completed within a fraction of the time as compared to our competitors. This keeps our overhead low, which means we can charge you much less than our competitors. This is Guaranteed!!!

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