Gas Line Services

Gas services

We Offer a Full Range of Professional Gas Line Services. Our Licensed Plumbers are available 24/7 to Respond to any Natural Gas Servicing you may need Day or night. from PGE and your Gas has been turned off. Please give us a call so that we can get someone out to you right away.


Gas Leak Detection

At I Rooter & Plumbing we take a systematic approach to Gas Leak Detection & Repair. Our  Gas Leak Search  Technique is a well defined process that has proven effective in Identifying & Repairing Gas Leaks in many different setttings.


Gas Line Installation:

Installing Gas lines is our Specialty. We Install Gas Lines for

  • Water Heaters

  • Furnaces

  • Console Heaters

  • Fireplaces

  • Cook Tops

  • Clothes Dryers

  • BBQ Grills

  • EarthQuake Shut Off Valves

Gas Line Services Should be provided by Experienced Licensed Plumbing Professionals with extensive knowledge about  unique Gas Delivery Systems. As buildings begin to age, so does their Natural Gas Delivery Systems. Over time the Gas Pipes Become corroded, brittle and leak posing the potential for extensive physical harm and or property damage. At I Rooter & Plumbing we won’t jeopardize your safety by offering quick fixes, all of Our Work is Code Compliant and carries a Full 1 Year Warranty. We Provide Senior Discounts and Free Estimates. If You Smell Gas and believe you have a Gas Leak, Follow the Safety Precautions put in place by your Local Governing Authority. Leaking Gas smells like rotten eggs. There are a number of reasons why the gas may be leaking. The most common cause of a gas leak is, the Pilot won’t light, with the Pilot Not Lighting, Gas is still being delivered to the appliance and with No Pilot Flame to ignite the gas, the gas fumes escape into the atmosphere and produce the rotten egg smell ( Mercaptan, the additive to natural gas to give it an odor, natural gas is odorless). Older Gas Appliances with a standing pilot light, don’t have a safety feature to stop the flow of gas in the event there is no pilot light. Newer units with gas safety functions may malfunction or were improperly installed or were not serviced according to the gas appliance manufacturers. At I Rooter & Plumbing we’re the ones to call for you Gas Line Services. We install Commerical & Residential Gas Lines and gas fired appliances; Water Heaters, Range Tops, Wall Heaters, Floor Console, Furnance Piping, Dryers, Cap Gas Lines, Outdoor appliances BBQ Grills, Fire Pits, Fire Places. Seismic Valves.
I Rooter & Plumbing are San Francisco Gas Line Repair & Installation Experts.
Call us first, (415) 910-0068 if your installing a new or replacement gas appliance, have questions regarding any Plumbing Issue(s), or would like to schedule a Free Estimate.
Gas Leak Repair
Systematic approach to Diagnosing & Repairing Gas Leaks.
Same Day Leak Repair
Our Professional Plumbers are ready to repair the gas leak leaving you with peace of mind


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